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  1. We have always had various retrievers.. It is always heartbreaking when they cross the rainbow bridge. Maggie, our twelve year old flat coat rescue is still doing well in spite of her issues and we love her so much! So we are not ready for a puppy just yet, She has been Queen here for so long we do not feel it would be prudent nor fair to her. Then there would be a time of mourning … . When the new pup comes we would be better able to “judge her on her own right “. We will as time goes on make arrangements to visit your boys and girls.
    You have a delightful site. .
    Mac and Mary Anne Bishop, Westport, Ontario.

  2. My boy Riley (Goldstein) passed away just last week. He was 8 years old and I still remember coming to pick him up from Michigan and traveling home with the sweet pup. I wanted to thank you for allowing him to be a part of my family. He was by far the absolute best dog I have ever had. His eyes were beautiful, his demeanor was precious and his loyalty was beyond belief. He loved his life and everyone he came into contact with. He brought my family nothing buy joy and happiness and helped my children get through some very difficult times. He was a beautiful dog and I am so blessed to have called him mine.

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