Rowansgaard litters are pure-bred, parents with health clearances, and are home-raised, with round- the- clock- care, individual attention, socialisation, and love, staying until at least 8 weeks of age. Puppies go to homes vet-checked, with first shots, are dewormed, micro-chipped and CKC registered.
As a prelude to acceptance on my waiting list, prospective owners are asked to give details of home surroundings, lifestyle and composition of immediate family at home, management of companion animals, and supply references, including veterinary where appropriate. These details are linked to careful on-going evaluations of all puppies for temperament, performance, and conformation, all done on an individual basis, with a final opinion from an outside independent assessor, taking into account the interests and characteristics of the  homes into which the puppies will be placed: the aim – to make appropriate and successful matches which will give a lifetime of family integration, love, and companionship.
As with most breeders, preference is given to families who are felt to best understand the mental and physical needs of these intelligent and active retrievers. Wherever possible, I maintain an active interest throughout the life of the dog, and enjoy visits and photographs and am available to share experience, help with any concerns, assist with occasional grooming sessions, to give advice and help if needed, and enjoy successes, big or small, whether within the family setting or in a wider competitive or performance field.